I have doubt on string maipulatio

String manipulation

I have to get abcd123(*)
In this i need to get abcd123

I need to remove ()
Sometimes we do not have (

You can use Regex for it to get string as you want but you said sometimes, so sometimes it comes without it?

Yes bro

Please tell regex also fine

Sometimes () will be there some times we didn’t have ()

We need to remove ()

not harming when not present

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Inside () we will have number like this (4)

the pattern was defined to ungreedy remove everything with the ( )

@Arya_Squares Hello, You can try this: Split(str_CityName,“(”)(0).Trim

Split break the string from start of breaket and store in string array. First index will contain before the breaket part and second index will contain after start of break part…
Happy learning

Wait bro i will explain in detail

We are only going to have digit in the ()

Like this (3)

We need to remove complete (3)

it is generic and will work (you can also try by your self in your immediate panel)

As it is regex you can modify the pattern e.g restricting to only digits

and so on

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Thank q soo much PPR :heart:

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