I have date value in terms of 08/2019 and I need to convert it into 08 - August, can someone help me to do so?

I have a mail folder such as “Archive BIP_IPServices\03 - March”
I got "Archive BIP_IPServices" this from config but in order to get the rest part 03 - march I am getting value as 03/2019

I have tried assign activity to give value for mail folder, but it’s not working, Someone Please help me.

Convert.ToString(in_Config(“Inbox1”))(Convert.ToDateTime(+currentMonth).ToString(“MM - MMMM”))

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like if input is
in_str = “Archive BIP_IPServices\03 - March”


to get the date as we expect
out_datestr = Datetime.ParseExact(Split(in_Str,"")(1),“dd - MMMM”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd - MMMM”)

Cheers @Chandni


In assign activity

In_str (string)= “Archive BIP_IPServices\03 - March”

Out_str (string) = Split(in_str,“(backwardslash)”)(1)

Your_date_format (string)= Split(in_str,“backwardslash”)(0)+“backwardslash”+Date.ParseExact(out_str.trim,“dd - MMMM”,System.Globalization.InvariantCulture).tostring(“dd - MMMM”)

Actually backwardslash is not showing after save😀 that’s why I written as “backwardslash” remove that mention symbol of backwardslash

Hope this helps!!!