I have an issue with deserializing json file


Could you help me with deserializing json’s?

It is a very simple piece of automation:

  1. First I want to get all json files from every chosen email. So I use for each loop to go through every email and save every json from the attachments.

In fact, it saves only the 1st json from the 1st email.
Any ideas why?

  1. After that I use “Read Text File” activity to read json. Output is a string.
    After that I use “deserialize json”. Output - JObject.
    But when it comes to “Add queue item” I get an error “Add Queue Item: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

May be the number of emails you are reading is only UNREAD mails or you are reading few mails in the entire inbox @Alek1

This is due to the value is null, please check before adding to the queue by giving a message box

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It would help if you uploaded your project. @Alek1

You could try a .count on your output of your emails. As Hareesh mentioned, you probably need to adjust your filters on the get-emails.

What are you trying to add to a queue?