I have a zip file that i want to unzip and use the file how i can do that

i am downloading a zip file i want to extract the data and ten i need to use the data from that zip how i can unzip that in ui path please help


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Please refer above post and download package for Zip or UnZip Activity

You right click on the zip file using click activity and then use the send hot keys activity and send “Tab” keys and try out to unzip the file.

you can use BalaReva.Externals.Activities to extract the zip files.
you can find the link here.

any method that i can use in Ui path itself rather than using an external package plzz help with example

Other option is you need to right click manually by using right click activities and select unzip option.
After that use for each loop for folder directories to read all file inside folder.

You can do it with Start Process activity.

  • In Argumen field write the name of the file you want to unzip
  • In fileName field write: “unzip.exe”
  • In workingdirectory write the path where your file is

And thats all…
The problem is that the start process activity finish once it has invoked the unzip command, if you have some activities to do later, and the file to unzip is quite big, probably your workflow will fail because the file is not already unzipped, you have to detect when the file has been unzipped. If you know how to do it, tell me how :slightly_smiling_face: (I think I can’t do it with path exist)

Hey Rodrigo,

I saw your other thread where you were using powershell and then you managed to get this to work. I’m having a hard time getting mine to work. I’ve tried setting up with both of these and both times it runs with no errors but I don’t see any file in the destination folder. When I run the same command in powershell it works.
strPathToZip = path of downloaded Zip File.
strPathToExtract = path to destination folder
Arguments: strPathToZip +" -d "+strPathToExtract
File Name: “unzip.exe”
WorkingDirectory: blank
Arguments: strPathToZip
File Name:“unzip.exe”
WorkingDirectory: strPathToExtract

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@Charles_Norman_US_AS, did you ever figure this out? I’m running into the same issue.


Hi @chadian I ended up using the UiPathTeam.ArchiveLibActivityCapture

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Hi @chadian,

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Take a look this link. It helps you.


@Charles_Norman_US_AS — That was easy. Worked flawlessly. Thanks!!

Thanks for your suggestion as well, @balupad14!

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