I have a Quotation in a String of Data that I need to use

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I have ran into an issue while developing. I have a process where I open an Index text File and Find&Replace for a series of strings within the data that errors out upon upload. One of the Strings that I need to Find and Replace is "from_“RNP” and its replacement is “from_RNP”. I cannot figure out if there is a way to have a variable with a quotation mark? or if I need to go about this a different way then using a CTRL+H on Notepad.

Due to sensitivity of data I cannot upload a copy of the file but the contents of the Text file follow this form;


Anything helps


As you mentioned, for CTRL + H, it`s seamlessly possible to replace by words with quotation:

Regarding quotation handle in VB.NET (I mean if you need change it inside of your xaml file ~ variable), that could be useful:

Just put it between the letter you wanna keep quotation

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