I have a question in UIpath Chatbot using dialog flow

I was Using Chatbot using dialog flow Hear the thing is I need to know is this chatbot is working for 1000 response at a time now the bot is integrated with Dialogflow I was thinking to deploy in the website on that time 1000 of response has come is this bot is the replay for all?
The bot is successful connect and it’s working also

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Is it possible to responce I hope I will get a replay

Hi @copy_writes, to confirm that I understand this correctly - is your question is that if the chatbot receives 1000 messages from different users, will the chatbot respond to each message individually?
If this is the question, the answer is yes. Each user messaging the chatbot will get a response specific to them, and the chatbot is able to handle such a volume of messages. Do note that you will need to have enough unattended robots to serve these requests so your users do not have a long wait time.

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Thanks, then we have to use how many bots for that example 1000 users we have how many bots required how we have to map the robot for the same activity if I have 10 bots how can I assign in the same activity