I have a question about moving to Excel

1 (2).xlsx (6.4 KB)

  1. If EMAIL, TEL are collected from the URL, skip the row.
  2. If the URL is empty, skip the row.
  3. Collecting e-mail and phone numbers with only URLs

In order to solve this method, I am using “C,D” COUNTER + 1 method by writing a single CELL in columns C and D after judging by the URL and judging it as IF.

I’m sure there are other good ways, but I can’t think of any.
Furthermore, my biggest problem is that I start with line one, so it becomes very slow.


can you share an input example (your file is empty) and expected output?



55.zip (15.8 KB)

we would recommend to check if you can work against a datatable:

  • read range the excel into a datatable
  • loop over the rows / skip / doWork as needed
  • write it back to excel (best into a new worksheet) with write range

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