I have a list of 60 reports what activity can I use to continue to website to download the next report

Start of 1 first report

end of first report

Hi @lynaia_harris,

Can you please share how are you getting to the first report on that website.

Are you clicking on some link on that website to download that report?

where are you getting your report name from?

Some details seems missing in your workflow shared.

If you can mention the steps that you need to do to download that report, I can help you better.


Hello, Let me start my question over.
I need to download each report from a website. The report downloads as an csv excel file, but I have to convert to xlsx,then bring that data to a template, where a pivot table is going to refresh & show data on another tab

-how to I bring a report to the queue
-how do I continue to next download of report

This is what I have so far…

This is 1 report…I need to add to Queue then proceed to go to website and download the next report

this is the template…the excel download from website…will paste here:

hello Lynaia,
I suppose the data(mostly datable) from Report1 is added in this excel, may be you can add all the data downloaded from all reports into this excel, with “Append Range” activity, then you can push the whole datatable to Queue with the help of “Bulk Add Queue Items”

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