I have a issue in recording part

i did a recording and i am longing in a website after login if to click on a “INTRO” but that option moves up and down i.e sometime its on top of the page and sometime at the bottom what i do for that ??

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buddy @manoj2500
kindly follow the below steps that could resolve your issue buddy

  1. once after opening the page use a activity called element exists for that INTRO elementand get the output variable from this which is of type boolean and name it as outexists
  2. use a if condition activity and pass the above variable in the condition like this
    outexists = True
    if this condition gets passed it will go to the THEN part of if condition where you can use a click activity to click that element
    or it will go to ELSE part where you can first use a send hot key activity with key down and then use a click activity to click that element buddy
    Kindly try this and let know buddy
    and enable the properties like simulate click in click activity property
    Cheers @manoj2500


Just use click Activity and indicate that element. And also check Simulate Type property for that click Activity.