I have a file which I am unable to read. I need to extract its data for usage

I am trying to read a file , but it is throwing error at Line9 due to inconsistency of the columns present in file.
SampleFile.xlsx (10.3 KB)

I want to read it and put data into 3 diff datatable.

Sample Attached. Data is present in 3 different places in file. I want to read and segregate its data to use.

@Yoichi Can you please help?

we would assume that it is a text file / csv file but can only refer to the attached excel

In general we would handle this case as by following:

  • read text file into lines - File.ReadAllLines … method
  • remove all empty lines
  • identify same column blocks by checking the split counr result when spliting on delimiter char
  • extract the different blocks
  • parse the blocks into datatable