I have a excel in which after opening the sheet user will find the grade which is “F19,010” and under this grade it will find the location as “Mumbai” and fetch the value for the same grade under Mumbai City

Guys Please help me regards this scenario
Latest.xlsx (550.3 KB)
Please find above excel…

Hi @Prathamesh_Chavan

The excel template you shared is static or dynamic like column positions, names will change ?

you are expecting value “102112” from the sheet is it correct?

yes 102112 is right

If the column position “K” is static.
Read the Excel
use lookup data table, give the column index of “F19,010” value and get the row number.
Use while Loop starting from the row number which fetched previously.
Keep If Condition for Mumbai location, If matched now you will have column position and row position, use them and get your required value.

If you have knowledge on LINQ we can use it aswell

Let me know if you have queries and it works mark this as a solution it will help others.

Sunil Ch

Your logic works, but ho make excel static , because bot downloaded excel everyday once and did operations on it as per requirement…So how can we make static by the robot

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