I have a challenge in uipath

hello UiPath family
I have a challenge am working to extract data from 99 Acer in that I want to extract owner contact details on how to extract can you please help me

hope I get a replay from you peoples
Chethan :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @copy_writes, I took a look at the website and when the “Contact Owner” button is clicked, it leads to a pop-up in which you have to provide your details in order to view that of the owner’s. So you need to automate accordingly. Give the pop-up as the active window and use Type Into and Click activities to enter your information, and then proceed. Hope this helps!

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so hear every contact details I need to extract and place in an excel sheet so for that what we do yes we can handle the pop window using attach browser hear is the challenge is I extract other details using data extraction the thing how can I extract these many contact details from there.

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Chethan P