I have 4 payslips , the selection works but selecting multiple sections

  1. flow works
  2. 4 pdf opens
  3. find element- pdf name adress is getting selcted together, not individually,
    done the setting to infra recommended
    . ANy HELP will be appreciated!!!


when it is selecting extra area consistently, please edit your selector and see. Change idx=1, 2,3 etc and it will start looking at different area on the page. Please give a try.
alternately, pick up the same selector if it is consistent then use string manipulation to separate your desired value.
Hope my inputs are useful.

I am new to UI and struggling to change the idx values

can you take screen shot of your selector and paste hear. ppl from forum will help you

can i use image informative screenshot to find the element?

does not even show tagging reading option

@fashion_consultant - What are all values you are trying to extract from the PDFs? If the values are consistent across all the pdfs(i.e position) then you can convert that PDF into txt format and then You Regex to extract the values…