I hae to pick up a value from one excel and save it in another excel

I have an excel name exchange rate ,

I have to generate a report in this format on daily basis, -

how can i write a code (help me with the coding) and generate a report for this kind of format.

Have you tried macros?

I don’t understand the requirement… how you are trying to write it to another format? On what basis you are writing in another format?

i have to take the value from exchange rates 1 excel sheet in rates oloumn and fillup in another excel JD column in
eg, from sheet one rate coloumn australian dollar value -2.560125 need be taken and fill up under JD coloumn

Kindly do the needfull .

Hi @senthil.it89

Use multiple for each loops for both Excel

Use assign activity
Row(“AUD”). ToString.expression=row(“exchange rate”). ToString
Likewise do it for other values