I had a variable of type JObject which contains id and its value,name and its value and address and its value. , i need to get Name . i am getting error if i use this DruidConfig["Name"].ToString()

“Id”: “123”,
“Name”: “john”,
“UsernameOrEmailAddress”: “”,
“Password”: “”,
“ErrorFlowId”: “”,
“TaskIdentifier”: “”,
“ResponseEntityName”: “”

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Hey @MitheshBolla

C# or VB ?


Hi @MitheshBolla ,

Could you Let us know what is the Error message that you have received ?

Give a try on Changing the Expression from [] to this ()

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i am using c# it supports

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object refrence not set. i had value for it in config file

Hi @MitheshBolla ,

Could you let us know if you were able to access other Values such as "Name" which are non empty ?

in my scenario its task identifier .

i am not able to access any field

@MitheshBolla ,

Have you Checked the Keys Present in the Json Object ? Either by using the Debug Panel or Write Line ?

You can make use of the Below Expression to get all the Keys present in the Json Object :


This is to make sure that we have the Key that we need in the Json Object.

Where can I find the value of TaskIdentifier ??

Hey @MitheshBolla ! Have you solved that?