I had 2 datatable. one has list of owner and other has project which are assigned to owner

In above query i have to identify one person has how many project and that i have to list in excel data i mean in new data table. Below are the snapshot of 2 data table.


Project Data Table

Hi @Puneet_Singh

Dtclone= (From d In Dt.AsEnumerable()
Group d By k=d("owner").toString.Trim Into grp = Group
Let count = grp.count
Let ra = New Object(){k,count}
Select r = DtClone.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable()

Use this in assign

Dt is your orginal datatable

Dtclone is the new datatable

Here its grouping on owner column and counting the number of records for each group


Actually what i want is bot pick one owner and search the project data table and there if he found record then it store that record in new datatable and in end it trigger the mail to the owner listing you have these project and after then bot pick 2nd owner and do the same thing.


Follow these steps.

  1. Read both into two datatables
  2. Loop through the datatable with on names
  3. Inside loop use filter datatable to filter the second table with projects
    4 .send email inside the loop


Please if possible if you have flow please put here i am struggling in this

Mail.xlsx (11.4 KB)
Owner.xlsx (8.6 KB)

I had attached two excel file now i want like from owner excel bot pick owner name and search in Mail excel and get the data from mail excel against owner and save that data in another excel once all data executed system trigger mail to that user and then pick 2nd owner from owner excel and do the same process.