I got Error UiPath.WorkflowProcessor


I got error UiPath.WorkflowProcessor during process execution any one help to solve the issue below i attached error screenshot

Thank you

Hi @MD_Farhan1
Can you please elaborate the issue or attach workflow.


I don’t know what is that error. that one is occur during compilation . below attached my starting workflow screen shot.

Thank you

Hi @MD_Farhan1
Can you please ensure with following things:

  1. Check your configuration files
  2. Ensure all necessary dependencies are installed and their versions are compatible. This can include libraries or packages that the generateClassUtils class relies on.
  3. Verify that all files the class depends on are present in the expected locations. This can include configuration files, resource files, or any other external files.
  4. Ensure the application has the appropriate permissions to read/write files, access network resources, or perform any other required operations.
  5. Check the static constructor of the generateClassUtils class for any potential exceptions and handle them properly. Add logging to capture detailed information about the exception.

If not, please let me know, so that we can connect.


May I know why are you using open broser,attach window and use application/browser also?

ideally all of these does the same task…unless you have different windows to connect with…

if so you need not next them

also instead of open browser you can use use app/browser as well

also is project developed on a lower version and now is being opened in a newer version?