I get an Error when i use google map API

Hello, UiPath Family, I am trying to extract the latitude and longitude in map API I get this error
I referral this video But I didn’t get the Output Can anyone help me
It really needs if I cant why and what is the solution and reason

@AndersJensen @loginerror
This is the error

I hope I get the solution

Chethan P

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Hey Chethan P!

Nice video, I must say :smiley:

What you need to do is to enable your credit card. Simply just copy/paste the link, in the JSON you got, into a browser and register.

I think you get around $1000 to play around with from Google.

Let us know, if that helped?

Kind regards, Anders

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should we pay for that API? no free api are available to handle the google map.

ok I got

Unfortunately :frowning:

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