I get an error when am trying to do extract invoice i get an error index out of bound

I get an error when ma trying to extract the invoice but I get an error like index out of bounding
if I put only one file inside that folder on that time it is running properly

What should I do Error is coming in Data extraction Scope.
in Classification result = ClasificationResult(0)
I try to use that but am getting an error.

@monsieurrahul @Steven_McKeering

This error appears if you are trying to use classifResult(0) and you actually do NOT have any classifResult values in your results.

this means the classification step was not capable of classifying your file.

two options are available:

  1. add a present classification station activity for such cases (classifResults.Count = 0), and only then go to Data Extraction
  2. only go to data extraciton if classifResults.Count > 0, don’t do anything on the else branch, and then re-merge the branches in a Present Validation Station activity.

Hope this helps

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