I found sometimes Studio will in kinda Chaso situation when I copy/paste some scope

Hi guys,

I found a situation that sometimes the Data get wrong since after copy and paste when I need to reuse some scope in my process.

Foe example, this time I found the scope I pasted, which include a multiple assign, it showed different variable inside than the original scope I copied.
Since I had few experience about this kind of situations, when I need to copy/paste some big scope, I need to check it all clearly before I run the process, it’s wasting time but Uipath is still good

Is it an issue due to the process is so huge or because I didn’t close the program for a long time(Probably weeks)?

Thanks you in advance

When the workflow has run to completion, the variable within the scope you’ve put it in will be deleted. It will only be created again when the workflow is started again, but the data in it will need to be re-populated.

Hi @Anthony_Humphries

I understood, but the situation that I mentioned is not about this.

The situation is when I copy the scope and paste to another place, the variables I filled into the activities which should be displayed on the screen,

  1. sometimes it just disappeared.
  2. It displayed the other variables which should not stay at the position.

For example, here’s a original data of Multiple Assign activity.

  1. User1 = “Michael”
  2. User2 = “Allen”
  3. User3 = “Lulu”
  4. User4 = “Matti”
  5. User5 = “Sofi”
  6. User6 = “Rama”

After I copy/paste, it becomes:

  1. User1 = “Michael”
  2. User2 = “Sofi”
  3. User2 = “Sofi”
  4. User2 = “Matti”
  5. User2 = “Sofi”
  6. User6 = “Sofi”

I don’t know the reason why it happen, and is there any way prevent this kind of situation happen again?


Can you post your workflow?


I met the situation again yesterday, luckily or not. This time is the issue I met but I didn’t mention last time in the article.

Another situation is sometimes, the variables which display on the screen are disappear.
But if you click the button into Expression Editor, sometimes it still show the variable what you assigned, or it might change the variable to the other ones.

Here’s the picture

On the picture, you can see no only just one activity, another “Multiple assign” on the left side also has the same issue.

[Update 2020/03/12]
Another one.

You can see the content display on the right side of the assign Activity(“%”), is different to the content from Properties(“”).