I found an error all the time while running it. Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action

Building my first robot was very exciting. For a change, I added 10 people name and birth month and used excel for row command. But i found an error all the time while running it.
Process during Run time:

  1. It types the first time and selects the month of birth. It will also copy the unicorn name and paste it into my excel column.
  2. For the Second name, it will type the inputs in the web page, I can also see the unicorn name in the website but it wont copy it in the excel.
  3. For the third name, it will make me wait for a minute or two then an error message will pop up which i’m attaching it along with this.
  4. I could see DIV command in my type into and get text activity name bar.

Possibilities Tried after seeing error messages many times.(Still got error)

  1. Added a delay time in between the commands.
  2. changed the delay before value in the properties column for Type into and get text command.
  3. Deleted the entire command and tried doing new one for 3 times.
  4. Tried different PC and checked if it’s not working only in my PC. (It works in neither of the PCs)
  5. Uninstalled and reinstalled studiox and tried again.

Kindly let me know what is that error actually is and also how to do it without the error.

Thank you

Can you try 2 things pls:

  • First, send us the workflow
  • Try the latest UI Automation Next version: 20.4.0 preview

I have the same issue. I only installed UI today, so I do have the latest Version (2020.4).
It seems that I can change the Name as long as I don’t change the first letter of the name = the initial part of the unicorn I selected. When I change the first letter of the name so that the beginning of the Unicorn Name is changed, I run into a this problem. It seems that even I selected the anchor (as in your video) somehow the beginning of the name is not allowed to change. Changing the month is not a problem - it will still work.


I attaching the workflow and my excel details for your reference.

software details:

uipath - Studiox version 2020.4.
MS Excel - 2019 version
Web browser - Google Chrome

Thank you

unicornname.zip (88.5 KB)

Unicorn Name.xlsx (9.78 KB)

Thx. Ok found the issue.
If you look at the avanced settings for the target, in the Fuzzy selector the last row looks like this:
<webctrl tag='SPAN' type='' aaname='[Unicorn Name]' />

Remove the last attribute so it looks like this:
<webctrl tag='SPAN' type='' />

In the next version there is a fix planned that will automatically take care of it.

CC @Judith123

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Thanks. This finally helped :slight_smile:

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