I followed along with the video in the ‘Automating Word Tasks’ session of the final lesson and keep receiving this error: The message filter indicated that the application is busy (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8001010A (RPC_E_SERVICECALL

are your Replace Text activities outside of Word Application Scope?

No, I believe they are inside as intended. See screenshot.

try opening the Excel File first, then place the Word card file followed by the Replace texts

try placing the excel card first.
at any point of the run does any popup appear in excel? or does excel enters in edit mode? if you place a “=” in a cell by hand and leave it like that will place excel in edit mode for example

I have the same error, not sure what does it mean to “place excel card first”. what is the reason of that error?

did you verified this?

I updated so the Excel card was first and that did not work. I also verified that no popup appears in Excel and I tried your suggestion to add a = in a cell so Excel opens in edit mode but still received the error.

placing a “=” was an example of what means Excel in edit mode.
the error you get states that excel might be in edit mode.
you start to run your wf with all excel files closed? can you try do that please?

Yes, Excel and Word are all closed prior to starting to run.

what excel and studiox versions are you running?

My Word and Excel version is 365 ProPlus and UiPath StudioX 2020.40 - beta.7.18.

The same situation is in the practice from Week 2. I’ve run the project provided by UIPath

and the same error popped up. I do not have any errors in replacing pictures or opening excel, only word does not work properly with UiPath on my machine.

UiPath StudioX 2020.4.0-beta.718 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

Same comment as AniaS above as well, I am also receiving this error in the first practice exercise in Week 2.

If you open the file in Word manually, does the file show any warnings such as “This was downloaded so opened readonly”? If so, you may need to allow editing of the file and click “Save”, then try again.

No, it does not.

@AndrewHall No such as message on my side

To narrow down if it’s an issue with “the file” or the communication with Word on your machine. Can you create a new blank file, and add a “Append Text” activity that writes something like “Hello” to the document. Then run it and let me know if that works or not?

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It works.

Yes, it worked for me as well. @AndrewHall

New word doc is working for the first time and that too with append text. Can you please try replace text or image activities on word documents.

Append Text worked for the first time for me but when i used “Replace Picture” then it gave me same error. Even after removing replace picture activity from project I am getting that error continuously.

Any further suggestions? I’m now getting the “application is busy” error on the week 4 activities as well.