I Don't know why i am getting this error please let me know how to solve it

"STS_IN_10.xaml: BC30198: ‘)’ expected "
But previously, these scripts were running as expected. However, now these exceptions are being thrown.

but inside the selector I have given it proper only, but I don’t know why it is displaying as error

It seems you have an extra apostrophe ’ in the beginning of the Attribute field.

yes, do feel the same:

I have changed it but still the issue is not resolved

Please help me I have to complete the work item

just analyse within UiExplorer on what is needed, then correct
feel free to share with us UiExplorer schreenshots

Selectors are correct only I have passed the selectors in dynamic approach

it is up to you what you will share with us. As less we can inspect as more we would give general hints

when the selector part is correct (we do not know the details) then use debugging panels for further analysis of the variables and their values