I don't know what license I should buy


I don’t know what license I should buy.

  1. I have a process scheduled through Orchestrator, and sometimes a person runs a process using Assistant.
    So what should I buy is Attended or UnAttended?.

  2. I want to create the robot for each AD account on my Azure server.
    There are not many robots used in Azure Server, and there are probably 3~5 robots.
    Can I buy 3~5 robot licenses and install them on the Azure server?.

Or is there another procedure to use the robot by each AD account in Azure Server?


Please check this for details


Now licenses are more flexible depending on usage

If you have a unattended license then the bot can be started from assistant or from orchestrator


Hi @lee_gildong

Please contact sales support team

They will schedule a call with you to explain about the details and in that call you need to explain about your requirements to them they too will suggest the license for you