I don't have uipath folder

uipath file does not exist this path and also i cant find anywhere. There are just appdata files.

What is the issue?

I don’t have uipath folder and I can’t run any features.

Do Windows + R and paste the UiPath folder path and check the access, if it is not created, create one by yourself and check again.

I creat one but this time it gives me this error

Is this your personal laptop or office laptop?

Are there any privileges not provided to write to the folder?

Just go to that folder and try to create a new file in that ( in UiPath folder)

Hi @sevgi_gundogdu

Could you please let us know the current installation location of UiPath Studio on your machine?

I had run into same issue when I have met UiPath first, I have solved it by deleting and downloading the app again.