I don't have Default Tenant in Community Cloud

Hello, after registering a Community Plan I don’t have a defaut tentant and I can’t create it. How can do it? thank you.

Hi @marcos.bernabe,

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Refer this below post it might help you to create tenent in cloud platform:


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My Tenant list is empty and I can’t add some one.

I seem to be having a similar, but slightly different issue. I currently have a tenant, but whenever I try to edit it it seems to think the tenant doesn’t exist. It also seems to think all of the licenses are in use, and since I can’t edit the tenant to change the license configuration I am unable to free them up. It wont even let me delete the tenant. I just get an error message stating that the tenant ID does not exist.

Seems like there must be a larger issue going on currently with new tenants.

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Hi @nstine @marcos.bernabe

Could you send me a PM here on the Forum @loginerror with this information:

  • email address of your tenants
  • Support ID from Admin > Organization Settings

We will look into that.

Thanks for the details, we are investigating the issue.

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Could you try now and report back? :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re referring to @marcos.bernabe, but just in case you’re asking me as well my issue is still present.

Hi, my issue is still present too.

Could you try again and report back?

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Still having the same issue. For reference i’ve attached screenshots of the issues I’m having.
When I click on Configure Licenses in the tenant it is blank:

Attempting to delete the tenant:

Attempting to edit the tenant’s services:

Attempting to open License Allocation:

Honestly if all else fails and the tenant has to be completely deleted I don’t mind. It was a newly created tenant and it had the issue immediately so I was never able to configure it all.

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My issue is stil present. I don’t have any tenant and I can’t create one.

Hi @marcos.bernabe

Could you try now? I think it is finally resolved


Your issue should also be fixed. You should be able to enable the tenant and the licenses should be assigned to it automatically.

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@loginerror I can confirm that the issue has been resolved. It let me disable the tenant and re-enable it and now the licenses are assigning properly. Thank you for the assistance.


Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile: