I dont get my row item in text field


i have loaded my csv file ( 1 colum with header and 50 zipcodes in rows)
in my workflow.

I want put it into a textbox as type into and is doesnt work

if I do use messagebox it works perfectlyfine

doesenmatter if I use currentItem or currentItem.Tostring


Use Type into activity and give currentItem.ToString and see the type argument of For each

Looks like you are using c#: currentItem.ToString()

Bingo!!! Thank you so much

duh how i suppoed to know that as an newbie… not a single tutorial was explaining this.
I assum I will have more problems like that?

You can avoid by keeping in mind:

  • C# is more strict so pay attention on case sensitivity and complete syntax

Whenever there are some doubts you can refer to the API Docu

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Hi @Dacapo

Foreach output is in object because you are intering ItemArray. Type into will accept only in string format, Then we have to convert the object to array by using .toString.

In your case, In type into give like this


Hope you understand!!

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