I didn't get any notifications and questions asked by people

Since from last 2 weeks I am not getting any notifications and question and answers which are posted in Forum.

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Were sorry for that @sunilraju by the way what exactly was your question.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


I am not getting any posts or issues related to studio and activity wise since from last 5 days.
Does anyone sent posts or issues in last 3 days.


Are you talking about notifications in community Forum ?


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Now i tagged you right. Did you get notification in your forum ?

Yes… I thought I only didn’t get any notifications in forum.

Kindly check once whether forum is logged in with
Your credentials
Cheers @sunilraju


If any one tagged you or replied to your post then only you will get notifications.

And also go to your account settings -> Preference -> Notifications and check once.

What about other posts which are sent by other people.


That you will find in New and Unread pages.