I created a variable value, want to hae

Dear Community team,

I created a variable value, want to have it in Select Editor Attributes Text value, but always cannot get what I want.

set a valid default value for AEV variable. Then it can be checked within the selector validation

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Hi @li.yu
Try using this methodology

Hope it helps


yes, for default value, it can be selected, but if I change it to a variable value, it cannot, I am not sure if should not use {{}}, but others, if it is the reason.

could be an issue on the selector. We do not see all from your implementation. Have a closer look on the id part from selector and compare it with others. Maybe this blocks the validation as it is bound to a particular row/label/item

Hi, pls help to check the whole selector.

thanks Shaf, fuzzy search cannot resolve it.

Copy this selector paste into notepad
“Repair” this selector
copy/paste again the repaired selector
to check if or not the “id” tag is same
otherwise based on what u have shown I see no problem

yes, the id will always be the same.

Hi @li.yu

Could you show the Value part of assign activity AEV ? Did you add .Trim

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Hi @GreenTea ,

The AEV value type is string, I just add .Trim, but still not working.1

Hi all,

I got the reason, it is because the AEV value from database is not all with capital letters, but the element in system is all with capital letters.

Thanks all.

Thanks very much.@GreenTea , you mentioned to add .Trim, which let me realized it.