I could not able assign a value for argument, by seeing below error, can anyone help me?

Hello @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

What is the variable type of in_TransactionItem?? You can yse onky string variable inside the regex expression …

I think the variable type of in_TransactionItem is datarow that is why u are fetting this error

in_TransactionItem variable is Datarow only. how to convert that into string with out getting any error.

If it is a datarow which value from it you want to put to regex…for example the value of first column, second etc…

in_TransactionItem(0).ToString. Will give you the first value.

I want in_TransactionItem(0).ToString

Have you verified that value? If not ptint it in a message box and check.

If verified you can use that value in the regex expression.

in_ TransactionItem(0).ToString

Thank you for the solution

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