I convinced myself to try out gnome-shell on my sid

Retrieving bug reports… Done
Parsing Found/Fixed information… Done
grave bugs of libcogl9 (-> 1.10.2-3)
#676282 - gnome-control-center segfaults immediately when started (inside call to libclutter/libcogl)
serious bugs of gnome-session (->
#656762 - gnome-shell: after “something went wrong” no chance to save any data at all
grave bugs of libclutter-1.0-0 (-> 1.10.6-1)
#619636 - Clutter is not working properly with mesa software rendering
Merged with: 620908 650874
serious bugs of gnome-themes-standard (-> 3.4.2-1)
#661471 - shell user theme extension not enabled: removal of gnome-themes-standard makes files disappear from gnome-accessibility-themes
gnome-session(1 bug), libclutter-1.0-0(1 bug), libcogl9(1 bug), gnome-themes-standard(1 bug)
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Please explain more about the issue which you are facing.