I comleted the assignment but evaluation is still 0/100

there is something more that I couldnt get over. I submitted my first assignment so many times. it is working on my desktop correctly and perfectly but UiPath grader is not thinking same thing :sweat_smile: I googled over and over but for all the good it did!



Welcome to our UiPath community.

You need to follow below steps.

  1. Don’t reset the WorkItems before uploading the Assessment for evaluation.

  2. All WorkItems status should be completed.

  3. Credentials should be same for both ACME and UiPath Academy site.

  4. Don’t hardcode any values inside the process like Credentials, File path etc.

  5. Record the session while process executing and upload the video along with Code.(Optional)

Thank you so much it worked I got 100 point :partying_face:

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