I cant send email

hello community, i’m using the send SMTP email activity, everything was working fine. but after several weeks my robot stays in this activity and does not continue.


Are you getting any error? Could you elaborate a bit more so I could give you a proper solution?

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Hi, thanks for answering … I don’t get any error, it just stays in that block of the process and it never ends, in fact my process runs three times a day from the uipath asistant with some triggers that I have configured at 8:00 am, at 2:00 pm and at 5:00 pm. The last block of my process is to send an email with the summary of the process that the robot carried out, that’s where it never ends. then, the next trigger is executed, the robot starts working, but it hangs because logically it is still in the block to send the smtp mail.

my robot is on a server, which has a user for that. This is the second time this problem happens to me, what I did was log out of that user and log in again and strangely now it works. This shouldn’t be happening.