I can't print my data to excel

There is no problem in my project, but I cannot print my data to the excel sheet. I also explained in the video. can you help pls

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Hey @Samil_Deniz

Kindly check if your dt has the DataTable

Also, the same is passed right into the Excel Workflow


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Check if you are passing the Datatable correctly where the WriteRange you placed

For checking that you can use output Datatable and use a Messagebox / writeline activity to view that data

Hope this will help you


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Hi @Samil_Deniz

Can you check the Data Table that your passing correctly.

Try to downgrade the package.


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Hi @Samil_Deniz,

Try printing the DT using Outputdatatable activity and check if data is present and let us know.


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I am guessing the data table didn’t pass through the workflow. Please confirm two things:

  1. The extracted data table is extracting data and creating a dataTable.
  2. The DataTable is passing as an ‘out’ argument.