I can't get an asset

Hi everybody,

I open this post because I’m trying to recover an asset declared in the orchestrator (the name and the value are OK) and I’m trying to recover the asset from a robot and when I try to get the asset I’ve the error:

executionUiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException: Could not find an asset with this name.

The asset is called “destinationLettre” and have a folder path as value. On the activity the assetName is “destinationLettre” and have a string as output.

The others get asset activities in the robot work fine.

Can you tell me why this activity doesn’t work? I think all the parameters are well filled.


Hi @nSangui,

You can check a couple of things:

  • Verify the spelling and use the same case for the asset name

  • If you’re using the framework then check if the config file has the asset name on the Assets sheet.

Hope this helps!

I don’t use the Framework, and I copy/paste the name of the asset on both, orchestrator and code… Nothing works

Hey. Make sure you are connected to the correct Orchestrator, because if you have multiple Orchestrators, you would need to update the Assets in each one.


I’ve solved the problem, it was the robot user that didn’t has rights to connect to the internet.

how did you solve it bro can you please help me

Hi, as I said, the user that has the problems didn’t has de rights to connect to internet