I can't found it




i progressing level 3 Advanced Training.

but, i don’t progress. Because of these questions.


  1. where is config file?
    config file?? where!!!?
  2. where is attribute at image?
    i tried looking for this format. but, i can’t found it.
  3. how to change MaxRetryNumber 0?
    i tried set value. but, can’t input zero at “Orchestrator Create Queue Max # of retries value”.

Please let me know if you know.


new user possible upload one image…


Hi @yekwon, did you create a new Robotic Enterprise Framework project instead of a blank project?

If you create a Robotic Enterprise Framework project, the config file will be at your project path\Data.



oh, thank you very much!

i solve problem.

by the way, question 3 you know?


The Max Retry Number here is in the config file. Not the retry number in Orchestrator.



thank you for appreciate

have a good day bro~ X)


No worries, bro.

Have a good day too