I cant' find some object in my application

I’m new at UiPath, and I want to solve something, needs to get Img,
but i can’t find “Find Img” from my UiPath.

anyone can help me?

Hello @hank0961111.sc

Welcome to uipath community…!

Can you please share some screenshot and explain your requirement?

Find Img-> Are you trying to search for any image on the application?


Thank you First,

I want to catch the image about captcha, but i can’t find that in my StudioX.

Just like this

Does that mean you need to read the captcha and get the value?


Yes, this is my website’s captcha,

and i want use OCR to identify the number, but i dont know how to get them

Try to use Get OCR Text activity. If the captcha is complex this will not work, as captchas are designed not to catch with bots.


Thank’s alot, but I can’t fin “Get OCR Text “IMG”” in my StudioX,
is there any plugin or something I need to install?

This activity is available in studio and not in studios…Let me check how we can do this in studiox

Hi @hank0961111.sc,

As per my knowlagy OCR Actvity are not available in StudioX, plz check below mentioned video.


My friend can us Studio, and have OCR activity, and he using Studio instead of StudioX.
How can i change my application into Studio ?

Hi @hank0961111.sc,

plz check above mentioned video

Monitor that in between in this video 3:25 to 3:50