I can't execute my published Test-Cases from the Orchestrator 2021.10.5


I installed the trial suite package to experiment with the testing features for a Evaluation of Test Automation Software. In the Studio i created an Test Automation Project and 3 Test-Cases. I published them successfully to the Orchestrator and the Test-Cases showed up in the Webapp. But when i try to run them its only pending and no error message appears. I created an unattended bot with Roles for User Automation and Test Automation. I also created the Machine Template with the Runtime Testing but nothing seems to solve the Problem and i cant find any documentation or Videos for the Problem especially for this new Version that i got with the Trial Version.

Can someone please help me with this Issue.

Thank you.


Please check:


  • Make sure you have an unattended robot account added to your folder
  • Make sure you have a machine template with at least 1 testing runtime license assigned to the folder
  • There is at least one machine connected, and showing like in the picture from the other forum entry


I got the exact same Problem. I created a unattended Robot with the role for testing and permissens for the folder. Also created the Machine Template with the testing runtime and assigned it to the folder. The Machine is also connected to the Orchestrator with the Key to the Machine Template but its just not working and its very annoying. I hope someone can help.


Is the testing runtime shown available in the folder monitoring screen?
Is the robot installed in service mode?
Check that you don’t have other test set executions stuck in running state.



Thank you for the Reply.

The Runtimes are ok in the Folder:

Test Exexutions are all cancelled.

How can i verify that or do with the robot installed in Service Mode?

Thank you


If the runtime is shown available without being connected on the VM, then it is installed in service mode.
In order to narrow down the problem I would reommend:

  • to configure only testing licenses in the template
  • to test with a small hello world scenario to get it running
  • check that also all rpa processes are in a finised state


Hey Thank you for your help.

I deleted my test organisation and build a new one up with folder, machine Templates, robots etc. Then i installed the Studio custom for development on a persistent VDI. After that i installed custom only the unattended Robot on a seperat persistent VDI in the same network. I linked it with the machine key from the template to the orchestrator. The machine template has the testing runtime assigned. I also made some configuration on the VDI this articel helped me: Installing the Robot (uipath.com) also important was the right login credentials for the unattended robot.

After that it worked finally:) I will now play around with some other User Credentials with other robots with less permissions on the vdi and see how it will work.

BR Pascal