I can't do web scraping with the next button, it's back to the beginning after the second page

Hello, there. For my thesis (TRDizin – TRDizin) i need to get the data from the magazines from the site, but when i’m doing data-scraping, it automatically returns to the beginning after the second page. I’d appreciate it if you could help.

THESIS.xaml (24.5 KB)

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because your “NextLinkSelector” is wrong

Change it to this
"<webctrl aaname='p' parentid='journalsForm:journalTable_paginator_bottom' tag='A' aria-label='Next Page' />"

Your old selector is wrong because if you manually go to 2nd page, the selector points to the “Back” button instead of next button, you can go to UiExplorer to select better attributes e.g. aria-label=‘Next Page’ to make sure its the next button all the way

Hey @Ozlem_Yigit

Kindly check you are using a proper next page button in the scraping & also make sure you don’t any browser refresh or navigation options in between.


Thank you!! :))

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