I can't delete queue items <Value cannot be null>


Any idea about that error ???

I would like delete all items from the queue before i use add queue items activity…

Any suggestions ???


No need to use while

Use get queueitems activity and in the properties enable new,inprogess,success,failed based on your requirement

Below that use if activity

Codition as outputofgetqueueItems.count>0

Use delete queue items activity

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Hi @170290064

Check if you passing arguments and variables correctly to your workflow. Also, run it in debbug mode and use step into and locals pane to get where the worklow is breaking

Additionally, you can delete queue items directly from Orchestrator depending your use case


I ll tell you the problem with your workflow…

Inside the loop you are getting queue items…and say if there are no queue items even then your workflow will try to delete the empty item…the same wcenario happened

To avoid it…try to move get queue items after deete and one get queue items before while

Hope this helps


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