I cannot move to next line all the words are displaying in a single line Mail body

I cannot move to next line all the words are displaying in a single line Mail body
even tried something like Environment.newline , vblf,vbcrlf …in a normal workflow it works when i am sending a mail its on a strait line.how to solve this

Try this way:

Tried this also @Rahul_Pasupuleti

Try sending the body as HTML by selecting IsBodyHTML check box @Karthikeyan34

Already selected @HareeshMR.still same

I mean, you need to send the body of mail as html,

if you have HI in the mail, then you need to send it in the paragraph tag as <p>Hi</p>

Then it will give you the exact format

for new line, use <br>

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Thanks bro

Is it working now @Karthikeyan34?

Yes it works
I have a another question
1).I want to just Reply to the mail Instead of sending a new email to the user.How can do that also with reply all @HareeshMR

Use Reply to Outlook Mail Message activity @Karthikeyan34,

It will reply to the mail message I mean

If you are looping through the mails you read using Get Outlook Mail Message and changed the type Argument to system.net.mail.mailmessage, then use the reply to mail activity and pass the item as mail message and then the body you have

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But i dont have access to outlook is there is any other way @HareeshMR

We don’t need to change in the outlook @Karthikeyan34?
May I know why you ask that :slight_smile:

I dont have Outlook Application thats why i asked you this

Can you please explain how you are retrieving the mails and how you are storing @Karthikeyan34

I am retrieving the mail through pop3 and store it in a variable mailmessage

Yeah, you can simply use reply mail message activity and pass that variable if it is of type mailmessage and the body you have @Karthikeyan34, as simple as that.

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but there is a error reporting Invalid Mail messge

Yeah sorry @Karthikeyan34

I hope reply to outlook mail message works for outlook mail messages it seems

yes .is there is any other solution or way to do this

No Idea @Karthikeyan34 :slight_smile:

May be someone have some idea and they will get back to you on this