I cannot find where the exception is due to the information

the exception is:an error occurred while calling tracking participants causing the instance to be oborted.See the inner exceptionfor more details.
exception type: OperationCanceledException

i met the exception when i used “build datatable” activity, but i don’t think there is an error,maybe the error occurerd before the activity,when i used invoke work file activity.but no exception was informed during that process.the phenomenon is the uipath just paused for a verrrrry long time when it was running,after sevel minutes,the exception i mentioned above was alerted. so when should i search my error? thank you very much

Can you share the workflow ?

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Hi @Cathrine

Have you tried everything mentioned here

See this as well


thank you very much,i cannot reach the breaking point i made,i don’t know why,but sometimes it happens,i am trying to use log message to test,appreciate again

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sorry i cannot upload the file and the picture because i am prohibited.it is ok i am trying to use log message to track my variable,i really appreciate.by the way,is uipath really popular in your country?

Yes, it is, either no. 1 or No. 2 automation tool.