I cannot figure out how to paste data

So I am trying to automate our companies email/name converter. Basically you can put in anything Name, email, id number and then hit convert, it will then give all of the other options that you may not have.
You can even put in as many emails(for example) as you want…sounds great? Welllllll the system doesnt put bulk runs in order.

So for guid examples:
John Smith
Jane Doe
Robert Rodriguez

Might put their Guid in order of


Now make that a list of 30-300 and you can see where the problem really starts to emerge.

So I wanted to make a simple bot You take an excel file with a column for say the email address

It will one at a time enter each email hit convert, then in turn copy and paste each thing to its own column in the excel file.

I cant get it to work however

I tried using a click on action to click the copy button, I have also tried using get text to get the text straight out of each box.
In both cases I use assign to try and add it to the excel file using the assign task with Row.item(“Guid”) = ExcelDataTable I am not sure if I did this part wrong though or if the methods of copying are the issue.

I am not sure if it is the method I am getting the info or the method I am using to paste the info.

@Ryan_Martori Are you sure the Get Text is working fine? Have you checked it’s value ? What is the type of ExcelDatatable ?

Instead of Row.item(“Guid”) you can just use row(“Guid”).

Can we check your workflow ?