I can not select a specific text in PDF

Hello, I have a problem to select the specific field I have already used the Citrix mode and informing the area but without success I have already tried to use the PDF Text also without success, I need this thick text to feed another tool I only have the return of .

I just need to get the text from the line “Connect Infrastructure”,
but I only have the return ‘AVPageView’
and I do not have the text return.

and my selector is selecting the entire document and not the one where I need it

even by selecting otherwise


Could you please attach your PDF and do you want “Conect Infrastructure Man E Sery Predias LTDA” line?


Use read PDF if it is not a scanned PDF then go for strng manipulation like find Name/Razia social then take substring of watever the length from that index,
Else use Abbyy to read the text.


already tried to use the attached to live element, but without success I do not return the thick name.

I already used PDF scanned, OCR, generated online but without success.