I can not find Connector.Twitter.Activities package on Package Manage

Hello everyone. I installed all packages which include twitter or tweet words on UiPath Studio. But I couldn’t find ‘Get Tweets’ activity. How can I find and use that activity tool? May you explain to me how you added Twitter section on your activity list, please? I downloaded Connector.Twitter.Activities package from GitHub and added this package into C/User/X/.nuget/package. Then I updated this activity package on Package Manage under ‘User Defined Packages’ header. But I can not find Get Tweets when I search for it in ‘Activities’ section.

Thanks in advance.

Is your Connector.Twitter Activities Package installed normally?

Can you check or share project panel as the following?



Hi @Yoichi ,
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ‘Connector.Twitter.Activities’ package to install normally from ‘Manage Packages’. It doesn’t exist there. ı found it from GitHub and added manually.



Pls ensure that the library required is imported from IMPORT option from studio
Custom Activities depends on Tweetmoasharp library for .net.

And manage packages
Package: Connector.Twitter.Activities

Give a try on nee studio

Cheers @Abdullah_Davut_Demirbilek


Can you try to create your process for .Net 4.6.1 then install the package via Manage Pacakges?
Probably the package doesn’t support .Net5.


Thank you everyone. I solved the problem with @Yoichi’s advice. Have a nice time. :innocent:
I would also be very grateful if you would not spare me your advice on other problems I encountered.

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