I am working on Assignment 2. while debugging what I am getting is

when run the main.xaml in debugging mode for dispatchers the process goes to Init state then it goes to the GetTransaction state and in the GetTransactionData workflow it’s not giving the value it’s going in the else part.

What is the selector for ‘nextpageexists’?

“< webctrl aaname=’”+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’ tag=‘Ll’ />"

This is using in checking the next page and I am using this selectors in the element exist activity.

I think here is the issue robo not able to find the page is it

you are using the correct selector. But, yes you are right, it is not getting the next page, thatswhy it is going to ‘else’ condition.

@Aishwarya28 can you help how to resolve this

can you send me your complete xaml file

Dispatcher.zip (281.4 KB)

I am attaching the complete Dispatchers zip file Aish, Could you please check where I am doing mistake.I am running in a debugging mode and it’s not checking the pagenumber. and even fetching the data

Sure, give me some time.

sure Aish, Thanks so much :slight_smile:

this selector does not look like what you have told me

same I gave na Aish!

I am checking now, using placeholders at the estart and end of every xaml to see where is error coming

Okay Aish!!

You have not stored the output of ‘onelementexists’ in any variable (ideally in ‘NextPageExists’).
Then how are you using variable ‘NextPageExists’

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See this as well pls.

accepted the mistake, sorry I am new in uipath.

No worries. I am checking and highlighting the errors for you so that you can correct them yourself. This way you will get to learn more about this.
I am checking the process.xaml file now. You please correct these errors.

Okay sure Aish, Thanks a lot

row(“Type”).Equals(“W14”) and row(“status”).Equals(“open”)

It’s not ‘W14’ but ‘WI4’