I am using the "Outlook Mail Message Trigger" for email automation, but unfortunately, it is not working

Can any one help plz

Hi @krishna_priya

Check out this Official document




You could remove the Email account(This automatically works on Account authenticated through your outlook profile) from the trigger activity, and also select outlook as open in properties.



I have already read this document. I followed the steps exactly as mentioned in the document. However, my process is not working

Yes it in the Open in the whenoutlooklsClosed


Its working for me, have a look:

From: Sender Email Address
Outlook Account: Remove that, leave it as blank

Hope this helps

Let me know i f that worked for you.

Happy Automation

No bro this process not working for me
can you plz share the zip file here

help me to resolve this bro

Make scheduling mode sequential and then try,

Your is one time, maybe by the time your outlook receives an email it already processed.

Main.xaml (10.6 KB)

Here you go mate, Cheers


Did that work ?

No it’s not working for me

Can you try to send a test email to yourself, just to see if your outlook is working with UiPath activities.


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