I am unable to split the word"Standard PO created under the number 0000000001 Message no. 06017". in this sentence I need only"0000000001"

Hello Everyone!.

In the above text I need only “0000000001” in the entire text. I also tried with substring. But I am getting like"0000000001 Message no. 06017" not exactly that I want. Kindly help me.

Hi @Abudhahir

Please, if you can! Share the entire string.

See, if this can help!



Hi @Abudhahir,

Try this :

RequiredString = ((strs.Split(CType(“Message”, Char)).First).Split(CType(“number”, Char)).Last).Substring(5).Trim

I hope this works if the string contains “Message” and “number” always. I’m not good in regex but tried this :slight_smile: .

Let me know if it helps

Standard PO created under the number 0000000001
Message no. 06017.

The above is the entire string.

In this entire string, I need only “0000000001”


The regex code i gave you should do it!

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Hi @Abudhahir
Please see this sample xaml file about Regex: Sequence.xaml (4.7 KB)

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Hello Brian
The sequence.xaml missing some activity. I am unable to view your bot.

index string.xaml (4.6 KB)
plz have a look at this. plz let me know if any thing goes wrong.

its working fine. Thanks Venkatmalla

@Abudhahir mark it as solution,so that it would be useful to others also.thanks


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