I am unable to record or select windows popup. Please help me how to deal this

Dear All,
I am unable to handle or identity the selector for the windows popup.
That popup is not getting selected manually or even web, basic, recorders are unable to identify it.
I am also enclosing an image of the popup.

Please help me I am in middle of development and also if any alternative way is available do suggest me.

Thanks in advance

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Hey @deepaksvg99

On what step this popup is coming ?

Why am I asking this is like, wrt UiPath you can directly start a process using activity to start specific application opening a specific file.


once you select the browser and click on the checkbox always use this app.This pop up will not come again.

Should I do it manually in the browser and then check again whether it is appearing or not right?

yes. Please do that

As a part of the application I need to send a mail invitation so when I am clicking on the send invitation link I am getting this popup and then I am unable to do any thing with uipath

But in production we cannot do it manually right. If the same thing appears in production then the uipath will fail there.
So we will keep the manual selection as last option but as of now how can we handle this type of popups?

set whichever browser you want as the default browser . Then i hope this popup will not appear

Hello @deepaksvg99 ,

Are you using UI based automation for sending the invite? If it is a calendar invite based on Gmail or outlook there are acitivties available to do it in background, which is more suggestable.

The application I am using is called IdGard and in this we can send mails using default mail server. As I outlook is not my default mail sender it is asking to select it. But uipath is unable to detect the popup that is appearing in chrome.

Hey @deepaksvg99

Try setting the default app for the same on windows.

So that popup won’t come again.


I think in this case you can set the default applicaiton manually. Then in the further execution using automation it will auto select the application.

Still if you are getting this erro, then use App/Web recorder to record that part. Because as those applications are visible in a separate window, you have to define the application scope for the same.

So better use the App/Web recorder.

I tried both but unfortunately App/Web recorder is not able to identify this popup

If you set the default application to the desired one, is it asking again? If yes then you will have to try some send hotkeys.