I am unable to install package of UiPath Reporter in Widows Project

Today I got some warning from UiPath Studio to migrate my project from windows-legacy to windows. After I migrate I started seeing errors on all activities related to UiPath Reporter.
I tried to downloads the package from manage package but that didn’t showed up.

Hi Karim,
It is very likely that this particular package is not compatible with windows projects.
Unless the author decides to upgrade his package for compatibility, this will prevent you from migrating the workflow unfortunately.
For now at least, you are probably better off sticking to the windows-legacy project type for this particular process.

Thanks @qbrandon . I decided this and do you know any reporting tools which is standard to use instead uipath reporter.
I tried to reach the developer of Reporter-for-ui-path but no response.

I am not familiar with this particular component I’m afraid.
Would there be any overlap with our Test Manager’s reporting capabilities?

I am facing same problem in packages its not fetching any reporting packages like RBanda and ReporterForUiPath.

I dint get what solution is provided could you please help me to unblock.

When you create a new project that depends on packages that only support windows-legacy, please make sure to select that compatibility:

You can download the latest version which is compatible with Windows projects form here,